Your people are your greatest asset. We work with high growth companies as embedded talent experts to acquire, secure and develop the right talent for your business via a sustainable monthly subscription based model. 


StylerWulf, taking care of talent.  

Using our proven methodology, data driven approach and passion for diversity and belonging we can help you build teams for now and leadership for the future. 


What is embedded talent acquisition?

Embedded talent acquisition or talent-as-a-service is a fully functional talent acquisition model for high growth companies looking to either grow headcount or strengthen their existing talent function. You will have a dedicated Talent Partner who will work on site to truly integrate themselves into the culture of your business.


Unlike traditional recruitment agencies, our fee model is based on a monthly subscription so the cost is the same no matter how many people you hire. 

Your journey with StylerWulf?

We have a proven methodology when it comes to embedded talent. Below is the typical touchpoint journey we work through when you bring us on board. 



Think of this as a talent audit, learning about your culture, developing your employee brand proposition, assessing your current diversity and discussing your talent acquisition needs.  


Our main focus is developing a strong and diverse talent pipeline. We see value in proactive, reactive and internal talent sourcing and will start building talent pools for future hires.


Throughout our journey we will implement your frameworks for the future across key focus areas such as employer brand, talent analytics and employee experience. 


We realise you may want to hire a dedicated in house talent team further down the line. Our frameworks will already be in place ensuring a smooth transition for your new team. We can even help you find them!  

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

According to a number of recent research papers published by the likes of McKinsey, LinkedIn and Mercer, increased diversity and inclusion has a direct impact on profitability and value creation. Yet business leaders have cited improving diversity and inclusion as a significant challenge.


The StylerWulf methodology uses a data driven approach to look at where you are now and builds this into their talent acquisition strategy to ensure that you're not just hiring the best talent but the right talent for your business. 


Need more convincing?

  • Average 60% cost saving using StylerWulf instead of agencies

  • Full plug in and play Talent Acquisition, as and when you need it

  • Embedded into your company culture either online or inhouse

  • Interview and diversity training for hiring managers

  • Effective employer branding to help you attract and retain the best talent



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